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Try These Simple Sliders – Perfect for Christmas!

Sliders are the ultimate catering and menu must-haves. They are easy to eat and even easier to create. The beauty of sliders is that you can effortlessly offer a range of sliders to cater to your guest’s needs and preferences. Serve as finger food or as a trio of sliders for a light meal or entree.

3 Simple Sliders: 


1. Butlers Beef & Bacon Sliders

You can’t go wrong with beef and bacon. Add some swiss cheese and an onion ring and you have a winner!


2. Jamie Oliver Inspired Fish Sliders

This easy variation of Jamie Olivers Fish Sliders will add a fresh bite to your slider trio.

  • Cook Shore Mariner Dusted Fish Bites per the pack instructions.
  • Spread slider buns with store-bought or homemade tzatziki.
  • Layer sliced cucumber, Fish Bites, and top with pickled red onion.

3. Butlers Vegetarian Falafel Sliders

Butlers Falafels makes offering vegetarian canape’s quick and easy.

  • Cook Butlers Falafels per pack instructions.
  • Spread bun with your favorite sauce
  • Layer with cheese, lettuce and thinly sliced tomato


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