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Partnering with our distributors and food professionals we have developed an esteemed portfolio of quality brands including; Shore Mariner® , Markwell®, Lamb Weston®, Butlers®, Big Country®, Ardo®, Love Smoothies™

As a full service sales and marketing frozen food company we have become the agency of choice for global frozen food brands looking to grow their business in the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific markets. If you're interested in partnering with Markwell Foods to help grow your business in our markets, we'd love to hear from you.

Be Shore of Quality™

Shore Mariner® has been New Zealand's leading importer of premium frozen seafood since the 1980s.

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Seeing Possibilities in Potatoes®

Lamb Weston is one of the world’s leading producers of value added potatoe products since the 1950’s with operations in both Europe and the USA. Lamb Weston products are available in over 100 countries and consistently delivery taste and quality to support your businesses growth.

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Here to serve™

Butlers® specialises in developing delicious and convenient meat based meal items for mains, snacking and finger food occasions. Its range included iconic Australian favourites and innovative new products that deliver consistent quality and great taste every time.

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Snap Frozen for Goodness All Year Round

SB's frozen fruits and vegetables are harvested at peak ripeness, nutritional value and taste and then snap frozen to lock in goodness all year round.

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Goodness Made Easy™

Love Smoothies™ are an award winning range of fruit and vegetable smoothies. Each smoothie comes in a prepacked frozen sachet of whole fruit and vegetable pieces. Add the sachet to 200ml of apple juice and blend for 30 seconds for an award winning smoothie. Give your customers all the goodness of 100% natural fruit and vegetables and your staff all the ease of 'pour, add sachet, blend'.

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Certified Organic + Fair Trade

SAMBAZON supplies ethically-sourced Açaí products from a closed-loop supply chain to ensure its products have complete traceability and transparency. SAMBAZON’s Fair Trade partnership helps to protect 2.5million acres of Amazon Rainforest and benefits more than 20,000 family farmers. SAMBAZON’s Açaí products are USDA Organic, Non-GMO, vegan, and made with Fair For Life Fair Trade Certified ingredients.

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Finest Spanish Bacon

3 Fat Pigs™ is supplied by a family run business that breeds, cures and slices its bacon traditionally from Catalonia.

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Best Value Seafood

Sea Breeze is provide value and quality for scallops, prawns and finger foods.

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