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All Burgers Need Fries


What goes together better than burgers and fries? Very little.
Especially when it is a Butlers Burger Patty paired with Lamb Weston Fries.

Lamb Weston is the leader in innovative and quality potato products. They design their potato products with quality and their customers in mind, every step of the way.

Lamb Weston has fries of all shapes and sizes for you to choose from! Twisters, Crinkle Cut, Wedges, CrissCut, Straight…which fries would you choose? 


Stealth® Shoestring Skin On Fries

These fries stay hotter and crispier up to twice as  long as traditional fries due to our invisible potato starch coating. This classic QSR skin-on cut will         resonate with consumers and cook up faster for the operator.

MW Code: 9818 

The Show Stopper:

Lamb’s Seasoned® Twister Fries®

From mild to wild, Lamb’s Seasoned® offers a wide range of flavors for quick and convenient pre-seasoned options. The fun, curly skin-on shape delivers uniqueness and excellent plate coverage

MW Code: 9859

The Fan Favourite:

Sweet Things® Platter Fries® 

Sweet Things® sweet potato products offer a delicious alternative to traditional potatoes in a variety of formats. This fry is cut thin and wide for a crispy bite.

MW Code: 9891

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