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Deliver consistent crunch that lasts all the way home, with Lamb Weston’s Stealth Fries!

Keep your fries crispy in your restaurant & all the way home. Lamb Weston Stealth Fries stay hotter and crispier up to twice as long as traditional fries due to their invisible potato starch coating. With these fries, you’ll exceed expectations for delivery, takeout, and in-house orders.


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4 Tips for delivery/pick up success:

Step one: What’s New on the menu?

You don’t have to offer the exact same menu that you offer in the dining room and, in fact, you probably shouldn’t. Exclude any options that need excessive packaging or don’t travel well or replace them with delivery-friendly swaps such as Stealth Fries.

Step Two: Pick Up Zone activated
Offering delivery or pickups means a change in logistics. Do you have a dedicated place for packing things up? Where will you hold items? Where will they be picked up? Think through the entire process and how it will work for your venue.

Step Three: Safe in transit
Set yourself up for success by using delivery-ready packaging, packing containers full so even if they are turned upside down they will arrive intact, air-ventilated boxes, and wrapping things up so spills aren’t even an option.

Step Four: Follow up
How do you keep getting better? When it comes to delivery you’ll rely on follow-up surveys and reviews. What’s working? What’s not working? What are customers ordering?  It’s all data you can use to make sure your delivery program is successful. Don’t be afraid to make changes.

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