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Create a platter to be enjoyed by all!

The festive season is approaching, and we have got everything you need to whip up some mouth-watering platters for the summer months. We have you covered with a with Seafood, Meat, and Vegan options.

Platters are designed to be shared so it is important that you cater to different dietary requirements and preferences to ensure that everyone can enjoy your delicious platter. Have a selection of the below to ensure you please all diners.


Summer won’t be complete without eating bottomless amounts of seafood. Have a selection of fresh and crumbed seafood on offer such as  Shore Mariner Crumbed Squid Rings and Whole Australian Tiger Prawns.


What is better than a tasty burger? A whole platter of them! Cut Butlers Burger Patties into half or quarter (bun size dependant) for easy and economical sliders.


It’s easy to cater to different dietary requirements without having to compromise on taste. Spice up your platter with our Shore Mariner Indian Platter or NEW The Green Butcher Range 

Increase the flavour - add a dipping sauce

Complete your platter with a selection of flavourful dipping sauces  that pair perfectly with your food offerings. Try these pairings below

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