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Unleashing the Flavour of Frozen Prawns With Markwell Foods

There is no denying that prawns are one of the most popular seafood types around the globe. Unfortunately, not all prawns in the market offer the same great cooking and eating experience. That is why you need to choose your frozen or fresh prawns carefully.

Markwell Foods is a well-known and trusted name in the frozen seafood industry. We bring you the finest food products from across the globe. Our imported range of frozen prawn products never disappoints. On the contrary, our frozen prawns are full of flavour and have great texture, even better than ‘fresh’. Here is why:

Fresher Than ‘Fresh’

Many people think that all frozen prawns must have a disgusting, mushy texture and lack any sort of taste. It’s only true when using the wrong freezing techniques or letting prawns defrost and then refreezing them. Most ‘fresh’ prawns you find in the market today have gone through this same process. You will find the ‘fresh’ prawns stacked on mountains of ice, losing freshness every minute.

The only way to preserve prawns’ freshness is to flash freeze them shortly after getting out of the water. That is how our prawns get frozen in time. All the nutrients and flavour get locked in. So, you receive the frozen prawns with same-day freshness. So, they cook better, taste better, and feel better.

Experienced and Respected Seafood Buyers

Knowing how to source and deliver frozen prawns that taste better than fresh ones requires a lot of experience and resources. At Markwell Foods, we have been sourcing and providing frozen fish and seafood to the New Zealand market for decades. Over the years, we have mastered the technical knowledge to manage our cold chain in over 30 countries throughout the globe. We also boast some of the most experienced and respected prawn and seafood buyers in Australia and New Zealand.

Variety of Frozen Shrimp Products

With us, you will not feel limited to certain types or sizes of frozen prawns. With over decades in the food industry, we have developed an esteemed portfolio of frozen prawn products. Our frozen prawns come in a wide variety to meet all needs and tastes. From raw, whole frozen prawns to peeled frozen prawns, our products satisfy all requirements. For better convenience, we also offer cooked and crumbed frozen prawns.

Top Quality Shrimp

The great variety of our frozen prawns is not the only essential factor keeping our customers returning. We are also proud to offer the highest-quality frozen prawns on the market. Sourcing the best-frozen food has been our commitment right from the start. We never compromise on the quality or freshness of our frozen prawns. That is why we have developed strong personal relationships with the best-quality frozen prawn suppliers. For all these reasons, we have become the preferred partner for frozen seafood products.

Do not compromise on the flavour or texture of frozen prawns. Contact us now!

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