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Cooked Whole Vannamei Prawns

Frozen Prawns That Are Just As Good As Fresh Are From Markwell Foods!

Seafood is all about flavour and texture. That is why many people prefer buying fresh seafood over frozen seafood. However, is there a big difference in taste? Are all frozen seafood products of inferior quality? 

Prawns are one of the most popular seafood in the world. What is not to love? Prawns are delicious, juicy, and flavourful. 

They adapt well to a wide variety of cooking methods. What about frozen prawns, though? Or does the freezing process make prawns lose their distinctive taste and texture?

The truth is that not all frozen seafood products are the same. It all comes down to the freezing process and quality. At Markwell Foods, we offer a variety of frozen seafood products that are as good as fresh. 

With over 60 years in the industry, we source only the finest products worldwide. Here are some of the reasons why you can trust our frozen prawns to be as good as fresh or even better:

Effective Freezing Methods

Over the years, the freezing techniques for seafood have come a long way. Seafood can freeze adequately while still at sea within just minutes of catching it. This helps preserve the fresh texture and flavour of seafood. So, it remains as good as new until it reaches the end user. 

On the other hand, if fresh seafood is not stored correctly, it can start spoiling. Prawns, in particular, can become unsafe to eat. Considering the time it takes to bring seafood to shore, pack it, and ship it, you will realise that fresh is not always better. 

At Markwell Foods, we manage the cold chain in over 30 countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. This helps us preserve all the goodness of fresh seafood. That is why our frozen prawns are always juicy and full of flavour. 

Taste As Good As Fresh

Guaranteeing the quality and stability of our supply and cold chains is essential. Our company has established enduring partnerships with suppliers, distributors, and end-users.

For all these reasons, we have become the frozen seafood partner of choice for Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific.

As mentioned before, our freezing technique keeps seafood as fresh as possible. That is why our frozen prawns are suitable for all fresh cooking methods. You can boil them, stir-fry them, or grill them. In all cases, our frozen prawns will give you the same great results as fresh ones.

Same Nutritious Value

Many people worry that frozen seafood loses its nutritional benefits. This is a myth. Our freezing technique preserves all the health benefits of seafood.

That is why our frozen prawns have the same nutritional value as fresh ones. They are high in protein, low in fat, and rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Choose frozen seafood that is good for your health and your tastebuds. Check out our frozen prawn range now!

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