Delicious Golden Pompano with it’s mild, succulent tasting flesh. The finely textured meat ranges from white to off-white and the taste is almost sweet. Pompano is typically prepared baked, broiled, grilled or pan-fried.

Just heat and eat.  Taste the rich flavour of this crawfish which has been seasoned with 13 spices. Packed in a 750g tray.

Experience the delicate, flaky texture of Ribbonfish.  This fish is high omega-3 fatty acids, giving many health benefits.

Great for a variety of global cuisines, the Yellow Croaker has tender flesh which is light and pleasant in flavour. Each vacuum pack comes with 3 whole fish.

These skinless and boneless Raw Tilapia fillets are so versatile. Mild in flavour, they can be baked, seared, steamed or pan fried.

Savor the delightful experience of our tasty, seasoned sweet potato cubes, bursting with flavor in every bite.

Our Prawn Hargow has great portion control and halal certified. These delicious tender parcels are filled with prawn and bamboo filling and are ideal for an Asian inspired menu or yum cha offering.


Our Squid Tentacles are able to be easily thawed. Simply pan fry, barbecue or oven-bake with your favourite accompaniments.

Coated in a light & crunchy batter these Potato fritters are quick and easy to cook and eat.

This delicious 100% vegetarian authentic Indian Platter is great to serve as a starter or at parties. Comes with Mango Chutney.