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Top Frozen Food Importers

Markwell Foods is one of New Zealand’s top frozen food importers and wholesalers. Here’s why!

Over the past years, the demand for frozen food has been increasing rapidly. That is why you can now find many frozen food importers in New Zealand. Unfortunately, not all of these importers may offer the same level of quality or reliability.

When it comes to frozen food importers, you cannot take any risks. Unlike other products, frozen food requires extra care and quality service every step of the way.

Mediocre importers will provide you with low-quality frozen food. The kind that tastes bad and has a mushy texture.

You can always count on us to source the highest quality frozen food products from around the globe.

Here are some of the reasons why we are one of the leading frozen food importers in New Zealand:

Wide Product Variety

As a foodservice distributor, when searching for a frozen food importer/wholesaler, you want one that can supply multiple products ranges. At Markwell Foods, we have all your frozen food needs covered. Our portfolio includes many trusted brands and covers various frozen food categories.

That is why we are one of the largest frozen food import wholesalers in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. Our range of frozen food products includes seafood & fish (coated and uncoated), finger foods, potato products, vegetables and fruit.

Excellent Cold Chain System

The supplier’s cold chain system dramatically affects the quality of frozen food. That is why you must choose an import wholesaler  that ensures the items remain in temperature-controlled spaces.

Our global supply chain sources and manage the cold chain from over 30countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and America to control quality.

That is how Markwell Foods ensure all our frozen food products are safe and delicious—the freezing techniques help retain fresh food’s texture, flavour, and nutrients.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Choosing the best-frozen food importer and wholesaler does not just depend on the quality of their products. Today, people are more environmentally and socially aware.

They want to buy products that do not harm the world. That is why the practices of frozen food importers are also equally important.

To lessen our impact on the environment, we make it a priority to source environmentally friendly goods and services from abroad.

This includes procuring raw materials from sustainable sources and improving the sustainability of te packaging we use.  As leading frozen food importers, we also make it a point to verify each product’s integrity.

Enjoy frozen food products that are just as good as fresh. Contact Markwell Foods today!

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