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Frozen Seafood That Tastes Just as Good as Fresh!

Is frozen seafood better than fresh? Many individuals believe they know the answer. Frozen fish, however, is both tastier and healthier than “fresh.” The way that seafood is frozen will determine this. Furthermore, the definition of “freshness” is also ambiguous.

Here are some of the reasons why our frozen seafood products are a better choice than fresh:

“Freshness” Is Relative

In the seafood industry, what you see is only sometimes what you get. For example, you might think the seafood on display came fresh out of the water. In reality, fresh might simply refer to the absence of freezing.

When it comes to seafood, every moment out of the water reduces its quality and taste. Unfortunately, seafood is also one of the fastest food items to spoil. However, seafood that is properly frozen shortly after harvest, has the same nutritional value. While moisture and taste of the product is entirely preserved.

Not Just As Tasty, Also As Nutritious

The process of freezing seafood does not just preserve taste but maintains the nutritional value of seafood. Freezing seafood straight after it has been caught locks in all vitamins and minerals using. As a result, all fats, proteins, and other elements remain unaffected in our frozen products.

Frozen Seafood Is Not All the Same

Please refrain from broad generalizations if you’ve had terrible luck with other frozen fish brands.

Seafood that is swiftly frozen maintains its flavour and nutritional value.

For over 60 years, Markwell Foods has sourced the highest quality products from around the globe. We always strive to satisfy our highly innovative and world-class food industries.

The passion for food is the main drive behind our work. That is why today, our frozen seafood brands are some of the most popular in the industry.

Over the years, we have built an excellent portfolio of trusted brands across various food categories. Our leading frozen seafood brands include Shore Mariner, Markwell Foods and Sea Breeze. To suit all tastes, we offer a wide variety of frozen seafood products.

You will find items like crawfish, raw pineapple cut squid, raw lobster tails, and much more. You can buy all these products from thousands of outlets, including restaurants, cafes, hotels, supermarkets, and route outlets.

Enjoy frozen seafood that tastes better than fresh. Order our products now!

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