Our Shoestring Fries are a consistent winner in customer taste tests. Their premium length guarantees you more portions per kilogram.

Our Freeze Chilled Fries can be stored in the refrigerator, maximising your freezer space. Cut in 11mm, these fries will put a smile on your guests.

Stealth Friess® are our secret weapon. Uniquely made with a thin coating, they are crunchier and stay warmer five times longer than other fries.

Our Rustic Straight Cut Fries are original in taste and appearance.

Lamb’s Skin-On™ Steak Fries have a made-from-scratch, kitchen-cut look and appetite appeal to complement any entree presentation; Extra Long Fancy grade for maximum yield and plate coverage. High solids, low defects.

Select prime Pacific Northwest potatoes are cut to 5/16″ and coated with our exclusive microbrew-flavored coating for extra crisp and crunchy fries, so they maintain their flavor and stay hot and crisp longer than conventional fries.

Lamb Weston’s fries deliver premium quality and consistency. This cut is one of the most popular in the foodservice industry.