What goes together better than burgers and fries? Very little.
Especially when it is a Butlers Burger Patty paired with Lamb Weston Fries.

Lamb Weston is the leader in innovative and quality potato products. They design their potato products with quality and their customers in mind, every step of the way.

Lamb Weston has fries of all shapes and sizes for you to choose from! Twisters, Crinkle Cut, Wedges, CrissCut, Straight…which fries would you choose? 


Stealth® Shoestring Skin On Fries

These fries stay hotter and crispier up to twice as  long as traditional fries due to our invisible potato starch coating. This classic QSR skin-on cut will         resonate with consumers and cook up faster for the operator.

MW Code: 9818 

The Show Stopper:

Lamb’s Seasoned® Twister Fries®

From mild to wild, Lamb’s Seasoned® offers a wide range of flavors for quick and convenient pre-seasoned options. The fun, curly skin-on shape delivers uniqueness and excellent plate coverage

MW Code: 9859

The Fan Favourite:

Sweet Things® Platter Fries® 

Sweet Things® sweet potato products offer a delicious alternative to traditional potatoes in a variety of formats. This fry is cut thin and wide for a crispy bite.

MW Code: 9891

Butlers new burger patties are made in New Zealand with quality beef blended with real onion, garlic, and spices.  They are not only flavourful but are extremely versatile as they come in 5 different sizes – there is a solution for all bun sizes and burger needs.

To help figure out what burger pattie is the best for your customer’s need,  use the easy guide below.

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Markwell Foods NZ has just released a new brand, Butlers. Sitting alongside our highly reputable seafood brand, Shore Mariner, Butlers provides kitchens with quality solutions for mains, finger foods, convenience foods, and more.

The new Butlers range serves all. From the serious hosts to the impromptu chefs. With a growing range of quality frozen convenient products, Butlers will be a go-to in all kitchens, big or small.

Butlers beef burger patties are NZ made with quality beef combined with herbs and spices. With four different sizes (85g, 100g, 120g, 180g) in the Butlers Chef’s Choice burger range, there is a patty for all burger sizes. The range also includes the Caterburger. A thin patty (91g) that is designed specifically for quick service, without compromising on taste or quality.

Also in the range are the Butlers Triple Decker’s. These are single portions of homely classics, LasagneMac and Cheese and Cheese & Bacon Style, layered and coated in a crispy golden crumb. These convenient and locally made products are a favourite with kids and adults alike.

Looking for more versatility? Butlers Meatballs and Falafels make it easy for you to offer a meat and plant-based menu options. Switch between the two products, based on your customer preference. Both products are great as finger foods, in pita pockets, pizzas, platters, and mini sliders.

To explore the range click here, or contact us.

We’ve got you covered!

Explore Lamb Weston® Stealth Fries®

As we navigate our way through one of the most challenging times our industry has ever seen, we are being forced into uncharted territory.

But with the right thinking, and some positive actions we believe the foodservice industry can come out of this stronger! Together we will succeed.

Below are some of the things we think will help keep things moving in the right direction and, help keep the community well-fed with their favourite meals.

  1. Learn how to use technology to your advantage
    Make ordering online easy, create a seamless customer journey so that with a click of a button your customers can have their favourite meals delivered to their doors.
  2. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes
    Stay on top of what your customers need and want right now. Help them bring back some normality to their lives, whether that’s the breakfast they are used to enjoying at their favourite cafe, a romantic Saturday night dinner for 2, or treating the family to fish and chips mid-week. Bring the experiences to them.

If you would like to chat with one of our representatives to see how we can help your business, feel free to reach out to us anytime. We’re always happy to help!