Is Your Menu Footy Finals Ready?

Get ready for September as we kick off the NRL Finals and World Cup.

Footy Finals Banner 01

Footy fans need champion finger foods to sustain energy and keep their eyes on the action all game.  

At the same time your kitchen staff will feel like they have played in a grand final after serving a venue full of cheering footy fans. You need finger foods that are quick to cook, easy to serve and leave your guests satisfied win or lose.

If you are a pub, club, restaurant, hotel or aged care facility give your guests a taste of the finals atmosphere and a taste of delicious. 

Check out some fan favorites below and arrange a product demo with our team to get your menu finals ready. 


Prawn Twister | Ready for every twist and turn of the game

The ultimate crowd favourite, the original Prawn Twister. Premium whole peeled prawns infused with herbs and spices.



Salt & Pepper Squid | Game Not Spicey Enough

A party favourite, these delicately sliced pineapple cut squid are coated in batter with a blend of sea salt and pepper.



Flame Grilled Meatballs | Get your hands on the ball

Mouth watering flame grilled meatballs made from 100% beef.



Colossal Crisp | Stays Hot When The Action Gets Hot

Colossal Crisp for a Colossal game. It's crunchy coating delivers a crunch over the roar of the crowd and retain heats until the action cools down and your ready to eat again.



Prawn Teezers | Delicious On A Stick

Shore Mariner Prawn Teezers are the ideal finger food. Two succulent prawns marinated in our garlic or plain sauce and served on a stick. What could be easier?



Onion Rings | Run Rings Around The Competition

Sweet Spanish onions sliced to 10mm and coated with a premium beer batter with a housemade look and feel.



CrissCut Fries | Its Finals Time, You Can Carb Load

Cut from whole potatoes, our Original Seasoned CrissCuts® provide an exciting alternative to traditional fries. 


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