When it comes to frozen food, you cannot take any risks. Even if frozen food comes from a reliable brand, you must choose a trustworthy importer. Otherwise, you will be risking the health of your clients and the name of your supermarket or hotel.

Markwell Foods is an importer you can trust in the frozen food industry. That is why, over the years, many food distributors and suppliers have turned to us.

By choosing Markwell Foods, they know they will get frozen food quality, prices, supply, and customer service that support their business.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us as your frozen food importer:


For over 60 years, we have always sourced the highest-quality frozen food products from around the globe. Since we started, our goal as importers has been to help our partners bring global and local value to our frozen food industry partners.

Today, we have become the importer of choice for well-established frozen food brands that want to grow their business in our markets.

Unlike other importers, our main drive is the passion for food, hospitality, and our client’s success. We aim to succeed together as frozen food importers. However, our goals are much more significant.

We want to see the frozen food industry flourish in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. That is why we are not just frozen food importers. We are a wholesaler and offer a complete sales and marketing service for our frozen food.

You can think of us as your one-stop shop. As your importers, you can always rely on us for effective and timely delivery.

Frozen Food Brands You Can Trust

Our trusted brands have put us at the forefront of the frozen food industry for decades. Food professionals have continuously chosen us as their frozen food importers. They know we offer quality frozen food products at fair prices with reliable supply and customer service.

Our excellent frozen food brands portfolio includes some of the best names in the industry, like Shore Mariner, Markwell, and others.

Well Established Frozen Food Chain

As importers, we understand how frozen food’s supply and import chain are unlike any other. We source our products and manage the cold chain from over 30 countries to ensure quality.

We have also made a lot of strong connections with key suppliers, shipping companies, and health and financial boards. This lets us make sure that our customers always have what they need.

Great Frozen Food Range

To meet all frozen food requirements, we made sure to diversify our product range. As a result, we have everything from frozen seafood, meat, potatoes to vegetables and fruits. With us, you will not need to find another frozen food importer.

Grow your business with frozen food importers you can trust. Contact us today!