More and more kiwis are embracing a vegan diet and the hospitality sector is taking notice.
There are plenty of tasty plant-based options to choose from, most places offer at least one vegan item on the menu, not to mention the rise in popularity of vegan only food spots.

New Zealand now ranks in the top 5 countries for veganism worldwide, it is statistically likely that there will be at least one vegan in a group of diners. Don’t miss out on customers or fall behind, make sure to offer a variety of vegan friendly items on your menu.

Our new No Chicken Tenders are a plant powered alternative to the popular menu staple. It is the perfect vegan friendly item to introduce to your menu, not only delicious but it will also add variety to your menu.

Here are 3 simple menu ideas:

1. No Chicken Tenders Salad

A refreshing salad with protein is always a winner on a menu, add your own twist with your choice of dressing.

2. No Chicken Tenders wrap

An easy, healthy, and popular takeaway option.

3. Mini No Chicken Tender Parmigiana

Offer it as an appetizer or as a main served with chips and salad.


No Chicken Tenders can also be served on their own, try pairing it with one of these easy vegan sauces.

Did you know The Green Butcher offers a variety of other plant-based meal solutions and appetizers? Download Product Range.