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Immerse yourself in a culinary adventure this Chinese New Year with our specially curated seafood selection

Prawn & Shrimp

Whole Raw Black
Tiger Prawns

Shore Mariner Whole Raw Black Tiger Prawns in various sizes.  These premium striped prawns are great for a variety of cuisines and dishes.

Product Codes: 

1681 | 8/12 | 10 x 800g         1684 | 21/25 10 x 800g

1682 | 13/15 | 10 x 800g       1685 | 26/30 10 x 800g

1683 | 16/20 | 10 x 800g      1686 | 31/40 10 x 800g

Raw Whole Australian
Banana Prawns

With its fine texture and sweet, mild flavour, Ocean Pearl Australian Banana Prawns have always been a popular choice.

Product Codes: 

1827 | U15lb | 5kg

1834 | Medium | 12 x 800g


Headless Easy Peel
Vannamei Prawns

Shore Mariner headless, easy-peel prawns have pre-split shells for easy preparation.  Freshness and flavour is locked in given the shell is on. Perfect for traditional Chinese dishes. 

Product Codes:

1790 | 21/25 | 10 x 1kg 

1791 | 31/40 | 10 x 1kg 

Cooked Cold Water
Whole Shrimp

These vibrant whole shrimp are sweet and tender. IQF and ready to eat once thawed.

Product Code:

2307 |  90/120 | 5kg

Lobster, Crab & Crawfish

Cooked Whole Crab

From Devon, these brown crabs are cooked when they are at their optimum condition, full of meat and roe, bursting with flavour.  They are individually wrapped for easy portion control.

Product Code:

3589 | 800g+ IWP | 10kg

Cooked Snow Crab

Cooked Snow Crab clusters boast a sweet and subtle brine flavour with a firm texture and snowy white colour when cooked.

Product Code:

3624 | 12/14ox | 9.07kg

Soft Shell Crab

Raw Soft Shell Crab

Whether its sauteed, grilled or deep fried, Shore Mariner soft shell crab makes endless meal options.  Individually wrapped for easy portion control.      

Product Code:

3637| approx 120/150g | 5 x 800g

3647 | Broken approx 60/80g | 5 x 800g

3648 | approx 80/100g | 5 x 800g

3649 | approx 100/120g | 5 x 800g

Raw Whole Baby Crab

Sea Breeze baby crabs are ready to cook.  Commonly deep fried, these baby crabs are a popular Asian snack.      

Product Code:

3599 | 10x x 500g

3647 | Broken approx 60/80g | 5 x 800g

3648 | approx 80/100g | 5 x 800g

3649 | approx 100/120g | 5 x 800g

Cooked Blue Swimmer Crab Meat

Newly ranged, Shore Mariner crab lump meat is premium quality.  Just thaw and serve.     

Product Code:

3586 | 20 x 450g

Cooked Crawfish

Commonly used in soups or bisques, our Shore Mariner whole shell-on crawfish can be grilled, steamed or fried.                   

Product Code:

2002 | 60/80 | 12 x 500g

Whole Raw

Whole Cooked Crawfish

Experience the unbeatable freshness of Shore Mariner Whole Raw or Cooked Crawfish.  A a nutrient-rich delight perfect for elevating culinary creations.

Product Code:

2005 | U20 | 6 x 1 kg

Product Code:

2006 | 10/20 | 6 x 1 kg

Octopus & Squid

6681 Baby Octopus

Raw Baby Octopus

Shore Mariner Baby Octopus are perfect grilled or used in stir fry. Its bold colour makes a dish pop.

Product Code:

6681 | 20/40 | 10 x 1 kg

6682 | 40/60 | 10 x 1 kg

Squid Tentacles

Shore Mariner Squid Tentacles are easily thawed. Simply pan fry, barbecue or oven-bake with your favourite accompaniments.

Product Code:

6870 | 10 x 500 g


Grilled Tilapia - Spicy Flavour

Grilled Tilapia - Garlic Flavour

Whole roasted high quality Garlic or Spicy Flavoured Grilled Tilapia. Simple to prepare and delicious. 

Product Code:

5178 | 10 x 1 kg

Product Code:

5179 | 10 x 1 kg

Yellow Croaker

Great for a variety of global cuisines, the Yellow Croaker has tender flesh which is light and pleasant in flavour. Each vacuum pack comes with 3 whole fish.

Product Code:

5501 | 10 x 650 g

Value Added & Finger Food

Hotpot Variety

Newly ranged, Shore Mariner hotpot is great for a variety of Asian inspired dishes like hot pots, soups, stir fry or fried kebabs.

Product Code: 

8222 | 12 x 700g


Prawn Hargow

These delicious tender parcels are filled with prawn and bamboo filling and are ideal for an Asian inspired menu or yum cha offering.


Product Code: 

8269 | 10 x 700g

Where to buy and pricing – Foodservice

We sell to foodservice distributors & large food organisations.  If you have a smaller foodservice business, contact your local foodservice distributor for pricing and to place an order.